Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loving me... Continued...

Day 4
Loving me:
I love my positive outlook on life.

Day 5
Loving me:
I love that I find beauty in nature.

Day 6
Loving me:
I love that I love my family unconditionally.

Day 7
Loving me:
I love baking and am dang good at it.

Day 8
Loving me:
That I sing so loud to Taylor Swift whenever I get a chance and have the same kind of mind set as she does. :)

Day 9
Loving me:
I love that I would give anything for anyone I love.

Day 10
Loving me:
I love that I am a procrastinator... Some things just need to wait till last minute. :) haha.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 2 and 3

Day 2: Nov. 2
Loving me: I love my laugh.
Work out:Ran with Mackenzie on the loop.
Eating: Still screwed up.. This Halloween candy needs to leave the house. :)
Quote: Trust with your Heart, Not your head.
R.A.K: Played swords with Monty :) haha...

Day 3: Nov. 3
Loving me: I love my dreams and imagination... <3 Never lose this. Work Out: Zumba 20min fat burn & ran 20 min walked 10min at 5.6 on the machine. Eating: No comment. Quote: Let anyone who comes to you.. go away feeling better and happier. Everyone should see goodness in your face, in your eyes, and in your smile. Joy shows from the eyse, it appears when we speak and walk. It cannot be kept closed inside us. It reacts outside. JOY is infectious. Mother Theresa. R.A.K.: Made my best friends day. Smiled as much as possible. :) On this day... Words can not express what the lord has done for me. He has brought me so much joy today. Thank you for the skies... and for Taylor Swift. The two put together and it is my heaven. There is nothing like the fall sky with a touch of pink and the crisp fall air. I have been breath- taken with beauty. I never wanted this day to end. Absolutely amazing. Also... I thank the lord for memories. I love how certain smells, images, or an object or sound reminds you of certain times or things in your life. I have been having a lot of these lately and I am just so grateful that the lord gave me a great memory to remember all the great experiences I have been through.. So Blessed.

So so so Blessed. <3

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1 of Loving me...

Today is November 1st and It is the month of giving and being thankful for all the lord has given to you. There is so much to be thankful for and its so crazy to me how I take every day for granted. Every day I wake up and I have an able body to do what ever I would like to do that day and I limit myself to the bare minimum. Life is to fragile to let slip by and just get to busy for. So this month I am trying something a little different then what I have been doing for the last years. Today and everyday this month, I am going to Say one thing that I love about myself... I also am going to do One random act of kindness every day this month. I am also starting a workout plan and eating plan which kind of goes along with the whole "loving myself" thing. God wants you to live your life to the fullest and you never know when your last day will be here... so cheers to the new me and to this amazing month of giving thanks to all that I have.

Day 1 of Loving Me... I have an amazingly big heart. <3 Day 1 of Working out: Kettleworks week 1 Core. Day 1 of Eating: Screwed up but I love myself anyways... Tomorrows a new day.! :) Day 1 of Random Acts of Kindness... Told my best friend how much she means to me and how I really appreciate all she does for me. It is always good to be great you are. :) Quote of the day: This is my life... This is my Journey.

Until tomorrow have an amazing night!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Late Late... as always...

So if you have been up to date on my blog you will notice that I have a reoccuring pattern... Which is being late to post something that happened weeks ago... :( Oops. So one thing I HAVE to blog about is honoring my sister and her birthday. Last one of the birthdays until December so I wont have to worry about being late on posting anymore for a while.. ;) As for the birthday girl.. I just want to make this clear. She is an amazing person. So sweet with a big heart and I miss her very much. Last summer I had the most amazing oppertunity to spend a lot of time with her. We went to Bear Lake on the most perfect day, Lagoon, camping, and to Provo Falls.. All in a big span of 3 weeks I think. It was so great to get that one on one time with her. I also got the absolute amazing chance of a lifetime to go to Cancun a couple of summers ago with just her and it was so incredible. No words can describe it. She also gave me the great honor of being her maid of honor at her wedding next August. I feel very special to be asked to play that role. She is just an amazing sister, a great best friend and I just know that she would do anything for anyone. I wish we lived so much closer to spend more time together. But I hope that she had an amazing day and that she got to spoil herself because of all the things she does for everyone else. So happy birthday Brooke.. I hope you had an amazing birthday. Love and miss you so much.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays...

Live and Learn and Pass it on...

I feel overwhelmed by God today. I have been facing some frustrations lately and notice myself falling into the negativity hole. Then it seems as though.. the rest of your life spirals out of control. Yesterday, I was on one of my rants over something that would make anyone mad and I was taking it out on cleaning.... which is one of my ways of dealing with being frustrated. I made dinner and baked, tried to keep my mind off of everything. Then towards the evening, I really let go of a lot of what I had been feeling and all day I had been listening to music of worship and surrounded by a little sweet-heart(my niece) who I think knew something was wrong with me so she was being extra sweet and giving me hugs and loves all day. So Sweet. I was deep thinking about God and what he has been through and all that he gave for us to live a happy, beautiful life. He is so amazing and all the gifts and blessings he gives me in my life, I should just be grateful to be here with the amazing family that I have and not complain because so many people have it so much worse. Everyone has their own "stuff" to deal with and own frustrations but before I went to bed I prayed to be assisted in what I should be feeling and what I should do next and I had an overwhelming feeling of love. So amazing.. Everyone just needs love and its great to know that your loved. Everything negative is a result of being unloved and unworthy. So today and everyday I choose love and nothing but. If I want love I need to give it freely and unconditionally. No better feeling then that..

p.s. Thanks Mom.. for always being there no matter what! I love you.

here is some songs that got me through my day and really spoke to me...
Enjoy. xoxo
okay okay.. I know there is a lot but I couldn't choose they are all my favorites...

A little something I thought was pretty useful in my life right now... so good!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday kind of love...

Today has been a beautiful Sunday and It made me think about all my favorite things and what I am thankful for... so Here is a list of all the things that make my life happy. :)

The sky:

Summer Picnics:

Tire Swings:

The Smell of Skunk in the Country:



Being in love


See's Lemon Truffle... Yum.

This time of night!

My Boots

and much much much MUCH more.. :) But I will save it for another Sunday..
Much love..
Heart ME!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloom where you are planted...

Today has been a wonderful day, watching my beautiful niece. She has gotten so big just over the short months that I have been here. She is absolutely amazing. Always learning new things every second and taking everything in. I just love being around her. Such a little sun beam.

So to my sweet Savannah thank you for that. :)

Summer has finally made it here! Yay! And everything seems to be going better. Oregon's Farmers Markets are so amazing. Fresh berries, peas, squash, lettuce... you name it... They have it. So amazing.
As for my love life.. that seems to be going pretty good to. Not saying anymore but I am definitely hopeful. <3 As for how I am feeling inside... I am so absolutely happy with who I am. I am very content and happy with the person I have become and I truely love myself. I has been a long road getting to this point and I am so glad that it has taken this long because all those things that made it long and drawn out, were there for a reason to teach me something. I am just glad I am at a high point and love myself for who I am inside and out. I am deserving of that and worthy of self love and of love from others. I have an amazing family who is all great supporters of all my lifes goals and all my crazy dreams that I come up with. I don't know where I would be without my family. Although before I moved to Oregon, when I was in Wyoming, I always wanted to be somewhere else and thought the grass was always greener... and once I moved to Oregon, I KNEW the grass was greener but not in all ways. I realized I missed home a lot, but I was at an antique store and walked past this canvas picture with a quote on it, that said.... BLooM Where You are Planted...

I thought about it for a while and realize, LIfe Is what I MAke it. As a seed is planted it has no where to go but up and to bring life to where it was placed. I am in this place for a reason, I am on earth for a reason and I have been given so many blessing and so many great things that I just need to be so thankful for. I am going to bloom and blossom where I am and bright light and love to everything I come in contact with. I have to much power over my life..

deep breath,

I am just in awe with how much love and how many blessings that I have in my life. I feel so much gratitude and love and the sun shine helps with that too. I am just one happy girl today and I deserve it.

So where will you bloom today?